In this session, you will learn about the Mission of City Church and The Code.

City Church is a church that propels people into Love, Faith, and Change by drawing them into the kingdom of God.  Our goal inside and outside the physical walls of City Church is to accomplish everything we do within the parameters of five basic values: 







In this session, you will learn about the Four Cornerstones of Thought and our beliefs.

City Church understands that the foundation of any structure is most important for it to have stability and endurance.  This is why it is vital that believers have cornerstones of truth that hold up their faith.


In this session, you will learn about Spiritual Gifts and the Heart of Worship.

We believe that through Jesus' death on the Cross, God created a space for us to participate in the Divine Life.  This is in part by the giving of the Holy Spirit.  Here and now, we worship God in spirit and in truth.  We strive to live a life that is continually being renewed in the Spirit of God.


In this session, you will learn about Groups, Serving, and Missional Outreach.

City Church understands that we live as sent people into the world.  In this truth, we live to serve and not to be served.  This means that we live to love the people around us.  We utilize groups, serving, and outreach as a way to minister to those in our communities and build our family within the church.