Unwavering Faith

Faith is easily found when things are going according to our plans. It takes very little trust in someone bigger than us when we are able to map out every day and what hardships or celebrations will take place.

When we feel we are in control and we can see the end of the road ahead, we tend to take back more and more control- leaving very little room for God to have authority over in our lives.

This approach seems to work well for our human nature as long as things go according to our plans. It is only when we see our plans are beginning to change and most often when hardship or tragedy arises that we realize we are not and never were really in control. It is when we realize the frailty of human life in light of God’s glory that we can time and time again give Him back the pen to write our life’s story, chapter after chapter.

It is at this point in each of our lives where Unwavering Faith arises. We see step by step where Our Heavenly Father is taking us and we continue to wait for Him to light up each step before we take it. To have Unwavering Faith is to have a constant resolve, a steadfast resolute, a tireless, relentless, sustained trust in the unknown because of the God we have come to know and trust.

This faith does not happen without first making a commitment to follow Christ Jesus and then it comes only by getting to know this God who has provided all things we will ever need before our need has been made known. This faith is only found by a close friendship and life lived in service to the Creator of the Universe. This faith that will sustain in our darkest hour comes through knowing our Savior intimately through His Word and through His still, gentle voice in our spirit.

Once our faith is set in motion with the first request that He gives by asking us to follow Him, we begin to realize the peace within the trust, the comfort within the twists and turns of the journey, and the victory within the battles.

In Exodus 14, the Israelites have finally been set free from Pharaoh and they have spent time wandering in the desert. They are found with an opposition in front of them. They realize that Pharaoh has changed his mind and he and his army are chasing after them, trying to bring them into captivity again. They look behind them to see the enemy coming and they look in front of them and find the Red Sea, which looks like an impossible situation to escape from. Yet, God has promised them freedom and now the Israelites are faced with the question of whether they will continue to trust God with an Unwav- ering Faith. Many begin to complain, even saying that their lives in captivity were better than where they find themselves now. Moses, who was leading them, cries out to God, asking for His help.

In Exodus 14:14, God answers back with a promise. He gives a promise that thousands of years still stands true for us to cling to. He says,

“The Lord Himself will fight for you, you need only to be still.”

The Israelites crossed the Red Sea that day. God held back the waters for His people to go through on dry land and then when Pharaoh and his army tried to cross, God allowed the waters to fall back and capture all of them while the Israelites stood and watched the enemy lose at the hand of the Almighty God.

God’s Word is still true today. No matter what you are facing, you can have Unwavering Faith. If you are a follower of Christ, His promises are true for you today. Where is your relationship with God? Have you taken that first step to make a commitment to follow Him and give Him the pen that writes your life’s story? Are you continually allowing Him the control and allowing Him to light up each step in your life? Are you facing an impossible situation right now, one where the enemy seems to be closing in and it looks like you have no where to run? Call on the name of the Lord. He has promised that He will indeed fight on your behalf and you can find rest in that promise. Give Him back the control and allow Him to do something so incredible that all will stand back and see His glory revealed.

Mande Chapman