Be Kind

Kindness makes all the difference.

Sometimes I feel, that our world needs a little more compassion and kindness especially from those who follow the Jesus way. The New Testament is full of moments where Jesus was moved with compassion and out of that compassion he extended kindness to the hurting, broken, and marginalized. We read that Jesus never said an unkind word to them, ignored them or pretended their situation was blown out of proportion. In fact, Jesus went against social norms and cultural trends when it came to ministering to the needs of people.

Jesus was kind.

He was kind to women. He was kind to children. He was kind to tax collectors. He never cursed those who nailed him to the cross. Jesus is kind to us all. He gives us the opportunity to live for something more than ourselves, to join in the story of God and he gives this opportunity to everyone because he is kind.

What we do and what we say go hand-in-hand.

The only way to make this world a better place is to be kind and compassionate the way Jesus was. The way the Bible shows us how to be. Just read the Gospel of John chapter 4. As you read, pay close attention to Jesus' interaction with this Samaritan woman. Take a moment and look up the cultural implications of this conversation. Jesus' kindness brought about spiritual change not just in her life, but in the village as well.

Kindness is not weakness.

There is a subtle strength that lies within a person who is able to be kind and compassionate. In fact, I would say it takes strength and courage to be kind to those who may not deserve it. But then again, to live the Jesus way is to be kind. To everyone. The great thing about kindness is that there's no need for discrimination of any kind. The same kindness you show to your family can be the same kindness you show to a stranger. The same kindness you show to your friends can be the same kindness you show to someone who serves you food at a restaurant.


Through his example we can make this world a better place. A kinder place. Take this week and challenge yourself to be kind to every person you come in contact with. Be intentional with what you say and what you do. Go make a difference. Be kind.


Danny Hesterly