The Fantasy of Best (pt. 2)

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All you have to be, is YOU.

Thank God that this is true for everyone.  That there isn’t some other person with my face, my brain, my-self that I have to be.

In part 1 of The Fantasy of Best, I found that it was necessary to analyze the location that we find ourselves occupying at any given time/space, and the fantasy of being somewhere better.  We must be in the NOW, because that is where the hope, promise and Truth of Christ is found for our lives.  There is a future, that is certain.  But, the promise of that future is realized in faith and hope NOW.  That is the key to the realized connection with the Father, by the Spirit, in the name of Jesus Christ.  

In part 2, I want to focus on the person that we are in the now.  Like the future, or any other time/space we want to be in, sometimes we want to be someone else.  That someone could be another person entirely, or it could be a better version of ourselves that is completely unrealistic. 

We work and work and work to become this imagined form of ourselves, only at the end of everyday being disappointed at the reality of who we actually are.  

One of my greatest struggles is wanting to be as good as the people that are advanced in what I find myself interested in. 

If it is woodworking, I have to be able to built all my furniture from scratch. 

If it is a theologian, I have to write 100 books. 

If it is working out, I have to be an Olympian. 

These can be goals that one can set and eventually reach (within reason).  But this isn’t the issue.  If you are like me, you don’t set a goal this way as much as you imagine what the woodworker, theologian, or Olympian is in your unrealistic world of best.  In other words, that woodworker, theologian and Olympian aren’t even as good in reality as you have imagined in your head, so once again we are stuck in the fantasy of best. 

You will never reach it, BECAUSE IT ISN’T REAL! 

Like the grass on the other side of the fence, you never fully get to enjoy the gifts and talents that God has given you NOW. 

We learn in Exodus 3 that Moses essentially had this issue.  When called by God to lead Israel’s exodus from Egypt, he said, “I am nobody.”  When God tells Moses that He will be with him, Moses begins to question how anyone will even know he came from God.  Finally, when God pushed further, Moses retreats to his stuttering problem.  Now regardless of why Moses was being timid, when God originally called out of the burning bush Moses was attentive.  Moses wanted to be mission for God, but to Moses, whoever God thought he was, wasn’t enough.  

Moses was enough because God was with him. 

It didn’t matter who Moses thought he needed to be in order to carry out this mission from God, only that God had called him and was with him. 

God is with you too. 

God has gifted you too. 

God needs YOU to be YOU. 

No more.  No less. 

Let the peace and relief of that wash over you in Christ’s name.

Jake Edgeman