Rejoice / song story

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Written by:  Nathan Francisco with Katie Brown

When I step out on the water

and my courage starts to fade

As I'm sinking in the sea

there You will be


When I stumble in the darkness

Though my heart and flesh may fail

There’ll be nothing left to fear

There You will be


Rejoice oh my soul

Rejoice my soul sings


You are God of all

All creation sings

Echoes of Your name

resonate through space

You are God of all

Worthy of all praise


You’re my everything

My one desire


My rock and my strength

You’re my constant salvation forever

Worthy worthy worthy

What inspired you to write the music/lyrics for this song?

This song was definitely not inspired by the birds, mountains, or the skies. It’s one of those songs where I found myself in my secret place, worshipping the Lord and initially, I wasn’t sure where these words even originated.

I began writing this song in November 2016 after beginning one of the greatest adventures of my life: marriage. I distinctly remember the Lord asking me as to if I could sing this song to him in all seasons and situations and in that moment, it was an easy yes. I didn’t realize that I was in the calm before the storm and that the Lord was giving me these words to sing and pray over my wife. She was in a season of constant busyness, which entailed anxiety and frequent panic attacks as she was working full time alongside going back to school for her second master’s degree, on top of simply adjusting to marriage. As a husband, a spouse, and a helpmate, I’ve learned that my wife’s season is also my season and my situation is also her situation.

There were countless nights of heartache and going to bed angry and defeated and all I could do was pray over her as she wept and despite the pain that she felt, I praised Him— “You are God of all; All creation sings; Echoes of your name; Resonate through space; You are God of all; Worthy of all Praise.” In a joyful season, he was preparing me—us for a season of growth, which we initially viewed as defeat, became victorious.

Which Bible verses connect to the message of this song?

I view the story of Jesus calling Peter out onto the water (Matthew 14:22-33) as one of the greatest analogies of a season or storm that we enter into. Not only did Jesus call Peter, but he stepped out onto the water before him. It’s beautiful once we grasp that not only does He go with us, he goes before us and lays the way. Even in moments where we fall, he’s there to lift us out.

What is your greatest hope for people to take away when listening to or singing this song?

My greatest hope is that we will not only worship him but genuinely know him and give him every bit of our praise, as well as our grief; and know that in our roughest seasons He is still good and He is still God. He’s the God of our lives, our victories, and even our defeats. He is over every circumstance—He is God of all.

You can hear "Rejoice" performed live at our City Church Worship Album Release Night on August 26th @ 6:00 PM.  


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