Awaken Me / Song Story

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"Awaken Me"

Written by:  Amy Eaton and Todd Preston

My soul is tired worn and shaken

My heart it echoes in the cold

The countless times that I’ve mistaken

all your goodness for my own


Fallen and frozen in this place

But You say I’m standing in Your grace


Awaken me oh holy One

Breathe Your life into these veins

Fight for me

I promise I will wait for You

And lift this veil off of my face

As You’re strengthening my Fatih

Fight for me

I promise I will wait for You


I’m walking backwards in my shame

My lips they struggle to proclaim Your name

Your glory’s never out of sight

Drawing me closer as our hearts collide


Oh You have found me in this place

Now I am standing in your grace


When I’m in Your presence

there is no fear or pain

When I’m in Your presence

All of my worries fade

When I’m in Your presence

You silence everything

When I’m in Your presence 

Your love I can’t explain

When I’m in Your presence

What inspired you to write the music/lyrics for this song?

I wrote the main portion of the chorus as a cry of my heart to my creator. I was reflecting back upon a very difficult season where I recall specifically shouting out to God "Fight for me, you promised that you'd fight for me!!" with my voice breaking and tears streaming down my face.

It was during this season that I found myself pressing into God and seeking an awareness of His presence and nearness fervently. He is the One who awakens us, He is the life-giver, the one whom breathes life into us. It was a cry of my heart for Him to awaken me to His goodness and presence, to help me through that season.

One of the beautiful things about this song is that Todd did not know the specific verse that had inspired the chorus. He and I wrote our portions separately but the song came together beautifully. I point this out because he did not know that the Lord had reminded me in that season to be still and wait upon Him. So when Todd wrapped up the line "fight for me" with "I promise I will wait for you" it was PERFECT!!

As I previously mentioned, in this season I was constantly seeking God's presence, because when I was in His presence I knew I was going to be okay.

I had his comfort and peace, my worries faded.

The lies were silenced.

The truth of his word and promises poured over me and life and hope returned... I spent much of that season in worship and in the Word. I point this out again to explain that the bridge Todd wrote to go along with the song was also the Holy Spirit weaving this song together, bridging our stories to bring forth a song of hope: "when I'm in your presence, there is no fear or pain, when I'm in your presence, all of my worries fade, when I'm in your presence, you silence everything!" The entire bridge spoke to my heart!

When I heard the completed song for the first time I just wept, here was this intimate prayer of my heart woven into a beautiful tapestry of hope.

Which Bible verses connect to the message of this song?

Exodus 14:14 "The Lord Himself will fight for you, you need only to be still."

What is your greatest hope for people to take away when listening to or singing this song?


My heart is that people would take away a message of hope from this song. That if you seek the Lord, there is always life and hope. He is our source for everything, and no matter what we face, He is with us. Fighting on our behalf, bringing us peace, comfort, and hope.

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