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Fall 2017 Purpose City Groups

This Fall we are looking at City Church’s Purpose as Christians.  Using an adaptation of Purpose Driven Life:  Why on Earth am I Here For?, City Church will spend 12 weeks focusing on the Purpose of why we do what we do as followers of Christ. Pastor Shannon will spend the first 6 weeks on Sunday mornings following the Purpose Study Guide, and then City Groups will spend time talking about how we live it out as a community.  The remaining 5 weeks (one week is a break week) will be reinforcing what was learned in weeks 1-6 in a practical and active way.  There are three types of Purpose City Groups:


1.    Purpose City Groups

  • Follows the Purpose Driven Life Curriculum for 6 weeks
  • Uses Purpose Study Guide
  • Follows Sermon Discussion Questions
  • Watches Corresponding Videos

 2.    Lite Purpose City Groups

  • Free Market City Group
  • Use provided Study Guide from City Church for first 6 weeks.
  • Follow Sermon Discussion Questions
  • Maintain same theme the Sunday sermon follows

 3.    N2IT Purpose City Group

  • N2IT Free Market Group (Running Groups, Foodie Groups, Movie Group, etc)
  • Short devotions that follow Sunday Sermon discussion questions for first 6 weeks. 


All City Group leaders will receive a copy of the book Purpose Driven Life: What on Earth Am I Here For? as a free gift for leading this session.  We believe that this Fall session will springboard City Church into a deeper encounter with God, with each other, and in the Chattanooga community.