This too shall pass

Written by: Casey Whitaker

Verse 1:

I’ve felt your peace in the darkest of nights

when I couldn’t see, you gave your light

And when the storm rages on, I will declare

That your here right beside me, and this burden you’ll bare


This too shall pass, for I know that this season won’t last

Morning shall come, when the night feels like it has no end

Jesus still reigns, and he’s seated upon his throne

He is aware, and I’ll never walk through this alone

Verse 2:

We are hard pressed, but we are not crushed

we are perplexed, but not in despair

though were persecuted, were not left behind

though we are knocked down, we’re not destroyed

though we are knocked down, we’re not destroyed


Darkness defeated again

the demons have fled and the sick have been healed

dead things are coming to life

Fear is falling away and my faith is arising