Raised to Life

Written by Casey Whitaker, Shannon Chapman, Todd Preston, Katie Brown, Amy Eaton


Raised to life, Raised to life

Is our Lord Jesus Christ on His throne

He’s alive, He’s alive

Forever we’ll sing cause our

hearts have been raised to life


They called Him a liar

Blasphemy they screamed

His flesh told the story

Of the abuse He received


Though the cross seemed to hold Him up

Oh the grave couldn’t hold Him down


He carried our weight

He bore our shame

Taunted and beaten

when we were to blame


We are overcomers through Your sacrifice 

You’ve paid our debt forever

our hearts are made alive

Raised to Life - Final.png

This song was written in preparation for our Easter weekend services a few years ago. It was meant to just be a special song to accompany the sermon and not to necessarily be sung again, but as time went by we just couldn't shake the idea and message behind it. We wanted to paint a picture of the crucifixion and the sacrifice that Jesus made for us. Although it seemed that it was over, we know that the grave could not hold him down! In the same way that Jesus was resurrected physically, we believe that spiritually our hearts can be made alive because of his sacrifice.

-City Church Worship