Mission Partner: Terry & Beth Trussell

Trip dates:  February 26 – March 5, 2018

Cost:  $2,140.00 (Complete application and $100 deposit is due November 26, 2017)

Global Missions Pastor:Mande Chapman, 423-648-2976, mandec@thecitychurch.cc

Global Missions Coordinator: Hannah Justice, globalmissions@thecitychurch.cc



Cost Breakdown

Airfare and Travel Insurance.....$1200.00


Lodging and Food.....$700.00

T shirt/Journal.....$15.00

Free Day Activity.....$25.00

Emergency Misc.....$100.00        

Total Costs.....$2,140.00

*Spending money and food money during travel is up to each individual to provide separately.

Money Deadlines

$1,070.00 (50%) due by January 7, 2018

$1,605.00 (75%) due by January 28, 2018

$2,140.00 (100%) due by February 11, 2018

Money Raised

Each team member is responsible for raising 100% of their trip funds.  Due to the volume of trips, we will not be doing group fundraisers at City Church Chattanooga.  

Trainings (1 per month, 60-90 minutes each)

It is vital that the entire team is present and on time at trainings if at all possible.

Meetings will be mainly lead by the team leader and will consist of specific training and studies pertinent to the trip.