Christmas is the day we celebrate the best gift God ever gave us — Jesus.

An offering is a gift we give in response to what God has done for us and to bless other people. God went above and beyond when He sent Jesus to us, and this offering is a way for us to go above and beyond in giving back to Him.  This year we have set our goal to raise $20,000 above and beyond our normal giving! We will receive the offering during our Christmas services on December 17.

Our Be Christmas offering will go to three specific areas of need:

1.     To help those within our church who need assistance during this time of year

2.     To help a local ministry, Family Promise, assisting with homeless families by

  • Putting one or two families in permanent housing

  • Sending 20 children of homeless families at Family Promise to a holiday camp

  • Purchasing Christmas gifts for the children at Family Promise

3.     To help with a Global Missions Project of building a church in Uruguay for an existing congregation who is   without a building.