At City Students (C/S), every student is challenged to see their world through the life of Jesus, so they may know their true purpose in life. It all starts with one person: JESUS. We keep things simple and intentional. Everything we do has a purpose…to make the name of JESUS famous! We strive to provide excellent environments that foster community, spiritual growth, and a whole lot of fun. Like us on Facebook or follow us on Instagram @citystudentschatt to keep in the loop with all that's happening at CITY STUDENTS!


Sundays • 6-8PM | Student center (doors open 530PM)
Wednesdays• 6-8PM | student center


Groups are the connection to authentic discipleship, new friendships, and tons of fun. No matter what's going on, GROUPS are the source of life-giving relationships and support. Students will never experience all that God has to offer until they connect in life giving relationships.

GROUPS meet throughout the school year.  Our middle and high school students meet in the student center, have activities that reinforce key thoughts from the current teaching series, eat some snacks and spend time with each other. 

GUYS & GIRLS BIBLE STUDY • Wednesdays | 4-6PM

Throughout the year, middle and high school students are having a blast at Bible study. Students meet at the Student Center, load up on a church bus and head to Hamilton Place Mall where students can grab some food or coffee. Students split up and a C/S Leader opens with prayer and has a time of discussion that ranges from relationships, a specific verse in the Bible, current events, etc. The main goal is for students to have a safe place to dialogue and build friendships.